We know the lion by his claw

My name is Abasi. I left my pride when I came of age, as most young lions do. I don't live anywhere, really. That's the life of a rogue.

Perhaps one day I'll start my own Pride or take over one. The job of being king is a heavy burden, however. Maybe I'm destined to be a rogue forever.

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“Thats a good plan.” Hamaru smiled back.  “Oh, I see. I’ve never known a pride to kick out all the males before.  Huh, seems a little harsh don’t you think?  Wait, alotof prides? Wow, this must be a little strange to ya then.”  He smiled again to the lion. 

“I don’t know yet.” He sighed.  “So I’ve been told.  My mother always used to say I’d find it tough.  But hey, its gotta be better than stuck in one place for your whole life, right?” He looked in the direction of his home, and not to make himself look foolish in front of the rogue, turned back with a grin.  “I don’t know that either.  You can see how prepared I am for rogue life.” He chortled and as he thought for a moment, cocked his head to the side.  “Have you visited many places along your travels?”

He raised an eyebrow at that, “Really? They usually kick the males out because the King fears they will grow up and overthrow him. That what it was like in our pride, anyway.” He nodded. “Yes, very peculiar…”

He smiled back at the lion. “I’ll come with you, if you want. I don’t really belong here, and I don’t really want to hit the road alone again.” He and nodded once again in agreement, turning briefly to see what had captured Hamaru’s eye. “Well yes, I wouldn’t want to stay put. There are places you come across that are worth travelling for.” He looked back at Hamaru and grinned back at the lion. “A few places. I’ve been to an Oasis. A jungle in the desert. And the Pridelands… There was another place in the mountains, too.”

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Hamaru chuckled.  “I guess you could say that.” he shrugged.  “I’ve just never been a huge fan of big and responsible titles.  I know I’ll never handle them well.” His eyes closed, moving his head briefly to the sky and back down at Abasi.

“Oh, I thought a place of that size would have enough room for them to stay. Unless they just didn’t want to.” He thought for a moment. “But I guess that’s not my business to be sticking my nose into.”  Hamaru watched the golden lion rise to his own paws and back into a seated position.  He nodded gently along with what he was saying, thinking through a response as he spoke, his tail flicking in a left and right motion in the grass.  “I suppose.  I’m sure they’ll be a lot i can do.  not that I’ll see it.” he chuckled.  “I’m leaving because I hate it here.  I’ll be telling my mother soon enough. I find the role too demanding.  Doesn’t suit me at all, Abasi. At all.”

"I doubt i could either, i’d rather just lounge about and enjoy life." He shrugged and frowned into the distance at that, he knew there was more than enough room at his homeland. "You’d think that, but we weren’t allowed to stay. The King didn’t want us there…" He sighed, shaking his head. "Nah, i don’t mind talking about it. Lots of prides are like that, are they not?"

As he listened to the other talk, he could understand the need for freedom and of course the restriction being a king would cause. “So you intend to leave on your own? I think you’d manage, but it’s still difficult out there.” He pondered for a second,  ”Hm, anywhere you plan on going?”

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Hamaru gave a gently nod to Abasi.  He sighed but provided a warm smile to go with it. “To be honest, I didn’t even notice it as a cub.  too busy playing and having fun.”  He thought of the days his training began, but only briefly and suppressed the moment to continue talking. 

“Huh, I thought so too.  I may have met some lions from there but I can’t really remember.  I guess you miss it somewhat. Which would be understandable.”  Hamaru chuckled at his statement on food.  “Don’t worry, especially because its Zebra I probably skipped over where you even are  in the first place.”  Hamaru felt something crawl along his back and he stood to wipe it off, his mane flipping into his eyes.  Moving it out of the way, he heard what the golden lion had to say and he nodded. “Well, that’s the thing, Abasi,” he sighed.  “I don’t quite have the ‘authority’ to. I’ve tried in vain many a time. But, oh well, no use in me banging on about it.  I’ll soon be leaving here anyway.”

"Oh, well that’s good. At least they let you have fun." He said, smiling back. Everyone wanted to be royalty, but they never really think about all the responsibilities that comes with such a title. 

"Yeah, you probably have. The majority of lions leave there when the come of age." He looked down and focused on his  paws for a little bit. "I do. When I lived there, I always wanted to leave though." He chuckled slightly at his foolishness. To this day he had never discovered another place quite as homey. But what did he expect, really. He looked up when Hamaru rose to his paws, and thought for a moment at his words. "But when you become King there must be something you can do, right…?" The lion sat up and tilted his head. "What do you mean leaving? Are you visiting another pride?"

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“Oh kings,” he exasperated, “They irritate me to levels you wouldn’t believe.  You must be nice to everyone, you must be polite.  What if I want to jump in the water a few times a day?” Hamaru smiled as the lion laid next to him. Good. I was getting worried he’d call me sir, soon. He chuckled internally before yawing and stretching out.  His tail flicked around in every direction while Abasi commented, and his ear flicked out as he told his original location.

“Hmmm,” he thought for a moment. “I believe I’ve heard of there.  I’ve heard stories of it.” he slipped onto his side once he heard his question.  “I thought I told you, Abasi.  Oh well, doesn’t matter.  This is Western Territory. Conviniently named because its Southwest of the Pridelands.  Exciting stuff.” he smiled.  “Its kind of crappy here, but I’ll get over it.”

He listened intently to what Hamaru had to say, and boy it did sound like a restricting and boring way to live. “That sounds awful, to be honest. You didn’t have to live like that as a kid, did you?” He frowned. He had never pictured himself as a king but if he ever started his own pride he highly doubted he’d be very professional. 

"Really? Well, it’s a pretty big place so I guess it’s not unheard of." He stated, remembering his homeland and the lions he left behind. He tried not to let his past bother him too much. He snapped back to reality, and blinked. "Oh you probably did. As soon as food was mentioned I practically forgot my own name. Sorry about that, heh." He thought for a moment, digging his claws into the earth. "Well if you think it’s crappy, since you’re prince i’m sure you could make it more exciting or something. I don’t know."

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Hamaru smiled at his reaction. “I’ll be fine, bit of bone.” he lied.  Nodding along he replied, “I wouldn’t worry.  Nothing vaguely interesting happens here so I’m not hiding that I murdered all my potential mates or something.” Hoping that Abasi would take the joke, he cocked his head at him and squinted his eyes, his field of vision stroking him up and down before his hind slumped to the floor.  “You know, you don’t have to be so formal.” He smiled.  “I mean, its your choice, I’m just saying, ‘royalty’ isn’t my forte, so I try not to be all pretentious about it.”  He looked away for a moment. Nice word choosing. Anything but pretentious.”And to be fair on ya, it’s a pretty big zebra.”  He leaned down to continue eating for a little while.

Hamaru pulled himself back up, after clearing his muzzle, laid himself down with a thud and stretched out.  “I just want to grab the sun while I can.” He smiled up, pointing to the heavy rain clouds that were approaching.  “Plus, its comfy here, s’why I always bring my food to this spot.” Hamaru lifted his head. “Remind me, where did you say you were from again?”

"Ah, I hate it when that happens." He responded. Bloody bones. He chuckled at the lion’s words. "Good to know." His chuckles died down and he wrapped his tail around his front paws, shifting slightly into a more comfortable position. "Oh, you’re OK with that? The formalities must get a bit boring after a while." He noted. It occured to him that with the lion being prince, he probably wasn’t treated that casually very often and Abasi knew that he would get sick of being spoken too in the same manner constantly.

Abasi lay down on the soft grass himself, just lazing and taking in the sights while Hamaru finished up. “Yeah, it’s a nice place.” He said, feeling the breeze blow through his short mane. “Hm? Oh right, I’m from a place called the Mwezi Plains, which is to the east. On that subject, what exactly is this place called? I don’t remember if you told me.”

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Leaning down himself, Hamaru took a large bite from the zebra, swallowing hard. Slowing down, he allowed the other lion to continue eating.  Just hold your horses. He thought.  Let your guest have as much as they like.

"Good for you, Abasi." he grinned down, perhaps not sharing the same view but finding it intriguing all the same.  "Live life to the fullest, and all that." he began to take another bite, but abruptly choked (almost to the point of laughter) at the idea of his parents having ‘high standards.’  He contained himself, and with a flushed face, turned back to the lion. "I’m sure there’s lots they’d find okay…but I’m pretty sure that’s still not the reason." he chuckled.

He was thankful that Hamaru was being kind and not only letting him live in his land, but also offering him food. And judging by the look of this luscious place there would be plenty of food around to eat. So he slowed down a little too, but it was hard. He hadn’t eaten anything this plump and tasty in quite some time.

"Yes, I suppose that’s what I’m doing." He was about to take another bite when the other choked. "Whoa, you ok?" He asked as the other lion managed to get the situation under control. He raised an eyebrow questioningly at the lions next words. "Really? Well, it’s not any of my business so I won’t pester you about it." He said, tearing another chunk of meat off of the zebra. After chewing and swallowing, he realized that he was full. He’d been eating less recently, so he wasn’t used to bigger portions of food. He licked his lips and straightened up. "That was some good zebra. I hope I didn’t eat too much, but thanks for sharing it with me."

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Mufasa: A king’s time as ruler rises and falls like the sun. One day, Simba, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king.
Young Simba: And this’ll all be mine?
Mufasa: Everything.
Young Simba: Everything the light touches…tl

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youngmalka replied to your post“Brother? Well, yer’ a mate to me :3! Explain our 20 kids that we had together.”


"Watch out everyone Malka’s gonna try and hurt me.
Someone get the popcorn.”